Car Window Tinting Advantages: What a Darker Shade Can Do for You

June 30th, 2023 by

If you’re thinking of adding car window tinting, the process offers a number of advantages. According to recent statistics, the global car window tinting market reached an incredible $6.65 billion in 2022.

Before you get tinted windows, there are a few things to keep in mind, including knowing about local window tint laws.

Read on to discover several advantages of adding window tint film to your vehicle.

What Car Window Tinting is Legal?

If you live in Texas, the law states that the legal window tint percentage must have a light transmittance value of 25 percent or more. This applies to the windshield, rear window, and the windows to the right and left side of the driver.

Texas window tint law also states that the only exceptions are for law enforcement, passenger transport vehicles like buses or limos, and for those with a special medical exemption. A label stating that the tint “Complies with TRC Chapter 547” must be adhered to the lower bottom corner of the driver’s side window.

Will Window Tint Help with Heat?

Your car interior likely gets hot, especially during Texas summers. With tinted windows, your car will feel much cooler because it blocks the sun and keeps the cabin at a more comfortable temperature.

Not only does car window tinting keep you cooler, but it also saves fuel mileage. That’s because the cooler the inside of your car is, the more efficiently your air conditioner will work, saving valuable gas. You also won’t need to run your A/C as high or as often, which can also save you even more money.

UV Ray Protection

The sun’s harsh UV rays can wreak havoc on your skin as well as your car’s interior, including the dashboard. Having tinted windows may block as much as 99 percent of the sun’s UV rays.

If your dashboard and upholstery are constantly exposed to sunlight, they can fade and crack over time. Getting car window tinting protects the inside of your vehicle to preserve its beauty and resale value. This UV protection also keeps you from getting sunburned while you drive.

Accident Safety

The sun’s glare can cause all kinds of accidents, especially during times of heavy traffic when the sunlight can make it difficult to see other vehicles. Adding window tint film can promote safe driving in sunny weather. You can add tint to a new or previously owned vehicle.

Not only does window tint keep glare to a minimum, but the special film can keep your windshield together. That means if you’re in an accident, the window tint could keep the glass from shattering and causing a serious injury.

Improve Your Vehicle Today

As you can see, car window tinting offers a wide range of helpful benefits including added UV protection, less glare, and better accident safety. Enhance your drive today by choosing a vehicle with window tint film.

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