New Car Technology in 2023

March 22nd, 2023 by

As our lives keep changing because of new technology, it’s only natural to expect car technology to change with it. Over the past few years, the mobile office has become more common, and new car tech demands that drivers have the ability to work from anywhere.

That means information and space have become high priorities for drivers, and GM’s latest offerings have been designed with both in mind. Here’s a look at some of the 2023 car tech available to help make drivers’ lives much easier and more enjoyable!

Ford F-150 Lightning Secret Desk

Let’s say that you’ve had a call come in from the office, and you need to take a look at an important document while you’re on the road. Now you can do so without ever having to look for a flat surface. The Ford F-150 Lightning offers desk space at the touch of a button. Once pressed, your center console gets covered up and you’ve got a flat space to sign documents, place your laptop and more.

If you’re the type of person who needs to eat on the go, having this desk can help you avoid a big mess in the cab of your vehicle. With vehicles lasting longer than ever, most drivers want to make sure they’re pleasant places to be. Having space like this makes it easy to avoid messes from quick meals and keep the interior pristine.

Chevrolet Silverado Integration

Getting the 2023 car tech right was a big thing for the Silverado, which now has an infotainment system that can stand up to any of its competitors while still providing the vehicle performance that’s become a Silverado hallmark. Gone are the days when driver and passenger had to choose one phone or the other for Bluetooth features before getting on the road.

Now two phones can be connected at once, and the vehicle comes with Android Auto, Google Built-In and Apple CarPlay built in, so consumers can choose whichever connection appeals to them. With a 13.4 inch touchscreen coming standard on the Silverado, passengers will have plenty of options available to stay connected during the drive.

Ford F-150 Raptor’s Sheer Power

Sometimes, new car technology simply means taking the best things available and making them even better. That’s what Ford’s done with the Raptor, which uses V8 engines to reach levels of power not previously available from an already strong Raptor model. If you’re the kind of driver who likes or needs to go off-road with your truck, this model has the power you need to keep up with your desires.

Whatever kind of new car tech you’ve got in mind for your next vehicle, you’ll find some of the most useful information in the industry from our experts. We know our vehicles inside and out, so if you’ve got a question about certain 2023 car tech and how it can help you, just let us know. We’ll steer you in the right direction!

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