Automakers Are Adding Electric Vehicles to Their Lineups: Here’s What’s Coming

February 16th, 2023 by

According to analysts, global sales of electric vehicles have been continuously increasing.

While the global market share of electric vehicle sales was less than 1% in 2016, it increased to 2.2% by 2018. Global market share more than quadrupled to around 4.1% in 2020, then to 6.6% in 2021.

We expect 2023 auto trends concerning the ways in which automakers will grow their EV fleets and EV offerings.

Keep reading to stay informed about a lineup of new electric vehicles that will hit this hot market. They could be your next car or your next investment opportunity.

New Cars Coming

Here’s a new car buying guide for some slick new EV models.

Honda’s EV Lineup

By 2040, the business wants all of its sales to be zero-emissions electric vehicles.

Honda has secured a couple of key collaborations and will be investing $40 billion in EV research and development.

Look out for the Prologue SUV, which may be available as soon as next year. This car is designed for long-range EV travel and makes use of General Motors’ battery technology. You can find a luxury upgrade to this car in the Acura ZDX SUV, to be assembled at GM’s plant in Tennessee.

BMW’s EV Lineup

We know that the German multinational automaker has plans to electrify its 5 Series. They’ve recently finalized their design.

This series will be competing with cars like the Tesla Model S or Mercedes EQE.

BMW plans to prooduce nearly a dozen EV car options to hit the market by 2025.

You can pick up an electric Rolls-Royce Spectre as soon as this year.

Hyundai’s EV Lineup

Hyundai has announced it will be carbon-neutral by 2045.

We’re most excited about an electric addition to Hyundai’s luxury brand Genesis; production of the electric GV70 SUV began in 2022.

By 2030, Hyundai wishes to add 17 new electric car models between its Hyundai and Genesis brands.

Ford’s EV Lineup

Ford is planning to electrify its entire Lincoln luxury lineup by 2030. The automaker claims that it will generate more than 2 million EVs per year by 2026 and that EVs will account for half of its global sales volume by 2030.

The company is already accelerating its electric vehicle development with EV options like its F-150 Lightning pickup truck.

GM’s EV Lineup

Exciting news: GM is moving to electrify its entire portfolio by 2035. This just echoes major changes in the entire automotive industry.

There are a host of models to come:

  • The GMC Hummer EV
  • Cadillac Lyriq SUV
  • Equinox EV
  • Silverado EV
  • GMC Sierra Ev
  • Celestiq sedan
  • Chevrolet Blazer EV

Even Buick is hopping on the train and planning to launch its first EV in 2024: the Electra.

Electric Vehicles Are the Future

The list of new cars coming is long and promising.

It seems automakers are recognizing that electric vehicles are profitable, and their adoption and proliferation have positives for the environment and public health.

You can contact us and book an appointment to browse our new-and-used EV fleet today.

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